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App for street football??

Denmark is an exceptionel country when it comes to street football. Almost everywhere you go there are courts designed for street football, that you can use for free – you just need someone to play with.?

Versus is trying to make that part easier for you by creating one big community for street footballers, where you can:

  • Sign up for games
  • Create games
  • Create a team with friends
  • Play against other street football teams?
  • Find the best street football courts?

The app is in danish, but we have done our utmost to make the design as self explanatory as possible, so even people that do not understand danish can use the app. However, if you need help to understand how to use the app, the next section will give you the basics: how to sign up for games and create a profile. ?

Sign up for games

The game overview page is the first page when entering the app. On this page you can find the games, that fits you best in terms of time and date, level (stars) and age (“?r”).

When you have found a game you want to attend, all you have to do is to enter the game page and hit the “tilmeld dig” button, which will sign you up for the game.?

Create profile

Before you can sign up for a game or create a game etc. you will have to create a profile. Here you are asked to give up the following information:

NAVN: name
F?DSELSDATO: date of birth
BESKRIVELSE: description
HJEM: city
NIVEAU: level
E-MAIL: e-mail
TELEFONNUMMER: phone number
BEKR?FT ADGANGSKODE: confirm password

If you can create a profile and sign up for a game you are off to a good start. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us?if you need help or have questions. We are happy to help.?

See you on the streets!